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A vegetarian is a vampire or a hybrid who subsists on animal blood rather than human. The term was adopted by the Sawyer family, so that they could refer to their unnatural diet in a civilized fashion. Being a vegetarian is very uncommon among vampires because animal blood is less appetizing than human, and the majority consider it somewhat unusual; the only two covens consistently showing this diet are the Olympic and Denali covens. Nevertheless, being a vegetarian allows vampires to live among humans with little or no detection, even though it can only be accomplished in regions with ample animal populations. In some cases, such vampires can live not only as a coven but as a family as their needs do not always drive them to kill and compete for their prey, which usually drives a coven apart. By feeding on animals, they retain the ability to resist the urge to consume humans, and allows them to form bonds as close as a real family.

Vegetarians have golden instead of red eyes. The vegetarian diet is much less appealing than human blood and, at times, it is too strong for a vampire to resist the latter. In the Twilight movie, Edward states that "It's like a human only living on tofu, it keeps you strong, but you're never fully satisfied".

Known vegetarians[]

The London Coven[]

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The Denali Coven[]

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  • Tanya
  • Kate
  • Irina
  • Carmen
  • Eleazar
  • Laurent ♰ (Secretly drank human blood occasionally)
  • Garrett (Turned vegetarian when he joined the Denali Coven)


In the movie adaptation of Twilight, Liam uses the term "vegetarian" to describe Melody, and why he acts distant towards Bella when she comes to the house.

Salem also says that he doesn't feed on humans because "he doesn't want to be a monster", and he mentions that they do call themselves vegetarians at times.